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The Law


What are your constitutional rights when it comes to education?

How old do you have to be to attend school?

How old do you have to be to leave?

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School Basics


What is the difference between so-called ‘government’ and ‘private’ schools in South Africa?

What is homeschooling?

How long is a school year and do all schools in South Africa follow the same school calendar

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Which government departments are responsible for education in South Africa?

Who ensures that the NSC is up to international standards?

Is it true that final exam marks may be adjusted up or down and who decides this?

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Examining Boards
Who conducts the final matric exams?

Is there a difference between matric certificates from ‘Government’ and ‘Private’ schools? Are there ‘International’ boards?

How does the NSC compare with international certificates?

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Can I study for Matric in my home language?

Why must I take English or Afrikaans for Matric? What other languages can I study?

Is there any language concession for a learner who is an immigrant to South Africa?

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Why is it important to choose subjects in Grade 9?

Are all subjects tested in a final exam?

How many subjects do I have to take?

Can I drop a subject in Grade 10,11 or 12?

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 The NSC/MATRIC Certificate
What is the NSC? What can I do with my Matric certificate? Will my Matric certificate show whether I went to a government or private school?
Can you fail a subject and still pass Matric?
What are the requirements to attend university after school?
What if my results were not what I hoped for?

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National Benchmark Tests (NBT)


What are the National Benchmark Tests? Is this the same as getting a university exemption?

Do I need to do both NBT tests? Can I take this test more than once if I don’t pass the first time?

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What does it mean for a learner to be an immigrant?

Do immigrant learners have to take the same subjects as local learners in South African schools?

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